Who We Are

ஃ  Elevator Pitch

“ Our raison d'être : to transform Complexity into Opportunity  ”

Assertive Group is a group of International Companies active in complex Negotiation & Mediation, Operation & Deal Structuring, Crisis Management, Leadership, Influence & Persuasion at the highest level. Assertive acts in partnership and/or collaboration with some of the world leaders in negotiation & mediation and affiliated networks & programs, who have joined their exclusive experience to develop and run a unique worldwide network of certified and qualified Crisis Management, Negotiation & Mediation Responders.

All members of our network are widely acknowledged as experts in their fields and guarantee a holistic approach, using all the needed skills available in our toolbox.

In partnership with ARJiL Capital, we uniquely provide bespoke financial and complex deal structuring services on highest Corporate and Sovereign level worldwide.

“ Performance is non-negotiable ” - We all are dedicated to success and performance.

As the only professional network of acting experts in complex mediation and negotiation, providing bespoke services in these fields, we deliver Assistance, Expertise, Response & Training to C-level's, Senior Executives, Board Members, International Business Managers, HR, Directors, Local and International Governments & Public Bodies, NGO's, Finance & Banking groups, … all recognizing that negotiation and mediation are advantageous skills to create professional and personal success, and to strategically improve the quality and efficiency of the agreements reached and of contracts signed.

Through our exclusive BART© – Business And Response Team which regroups Financial Analysts, Technicians, Engineers, Scientists, Lawyers and Negotiators/Mediators to structure and execute complex Financial deals, we work closely with shareholders, Family Office owners, Sports & Media personalities, Financial and International Companies, consistently mediating and negotiating for Sustainable, Strategic and Achievable success and making sure to increase the efficiency of executions.

Built on the expertise of our world class professional negotiators and mediators, our combined methodology has been developed over 20 years to Prepare, Guide, Close/Solve and Implement/Debrief any type of crisis situation and negotiation and/or mediation.

Using adaptive and proven procedures, our methodologies aim to raise the percentage of agreements by innovative methods and positive performance in negotiations & mediations. We pride ourselves in achieving a 85% success rate in complex negotiations and close to 100% in complex mediations.

“ We are expert at the Preparation, Guidance, Closing, implementation and Debriefing phases ”

  • 1  We negotiate & mediate for you and with you.
  • 2  We provide Assistance, Expertise & Response in negotiation & mediation.
  • 3  We Teach & Train you and your task force to transform your attitude towards negotiation & mediation leading to greater achievements and sustainable relationships.

Grow from Good to Great with the Assertive Group !