BART© - Business And Response Team

BART© is the only Platform in the World regrouping Experts in :

    - Business Management
    - Financial Analysis
    - Crisis Management
    - Scientific Innovation

    - Project Management
    - Legal Advisory
    - Cyber Security
    - Engineering Processes


working alongside Mediators and Negotiators, to Structure, Solve, Close and Execute complex deals !

ஃ  Why Negotiations Fail ? - with the Sales Force


82% of the Sales Force admit that they feel High Stress when starting a negotiation

90% of the time, negotiation creates Fears, provoking a rise in negative emotional intelligence in the closing phase.

over 70% of employees feel unhappy in their job because they feel misaligned with their specialities.

ஃ  Why Negotiations Fail ? - with the Senior Management


Senior Managers spend 56% of time Negotiating

only 1/10 of the Senior Management is trained to handle complex negotiations. (INNESS Study)

70% of the CEO's say that they don't have time to be correctly prepared for difficult negotiations. (Harvard Business Review)

82% of Senior Management enter Negotiation meetings without a Clear and Define Objective.
(Harvard Business Review)