Team Experts
Steve Alban Tineo

◈  Steve Alban TINEO • Chief Executive Officer

Steve Alban Tineo is an international professional negotiator and mediation expert as well as a financial analyst.
As the founder and CEO of Assertive Group SA, Steve Alban Tineo travels the world resolving complex situations before they become disputes as well as negotiating international contracts.

He has acted as a trusted advisor, manager and negotiator for many top celebrities and for some of the most prominent leaders in Sports & Media, as well as in Banking & Finance, and Diplomacy. For over the past 20 years, he has created a network of international relationships with eminent individuals, diplomats and companies.

As a financial analyst, Steve Alban founded BART© – Business And Response Team which regroups Financial Analysts, Technicians, Engineers, Scientists, Lawyers and Negotiators/Mediators to structure and execute complex financial deals. With BART©, Steve Alban works closely with company shareholders, Family Office owners, Sports & Media personalities, Financial and International Companies, Private Equity or Venture Capital Firms consistently achieving unexpected success and often investing or participating in the long-term evolution of the companies he acts for or with.

For many years, Steve Alban has run the coaching program “ KYF – Know Yourself First … How to Negotiate with Yourself ”, tremendously improving the mental strengths and the striking efficiency of numerous Sports & Media, Executive, C-Level and VIP personalities.

Alongside with working with celebrities and visible families or companies, Steve Alban has frequently operated undercover as part of various negotiating teams for many international endeavors.

He is one of Europe's most skilled and experienced negotiators, conducting hundreds of negotiations with governments, businesses, organizations, pressure groups and individuals from many parts of the world.

Steve Alban Tineo holds a Negotiation & Mediation Master Certification from PACIFICAT© Academy, is a Member of Harvard PON (Program on Negotiation), holds a master in Negotiation (2008), the CSFB (New York) Global Financial Analyst Award on EVA&VDF models (1999-2000), the Swiss Stock Exchange License (SWX-VIRT-x) and the Swiss Federal Banking Certificate with honors (1998).

Aneesha Bhunjun

◈  Aneesha BHUNJUN • MD - Head of Mediation

Aneesha Bhunjun is an international expert in mediation as well as a barrister as a practicing lawyer.
In addition to being a Managing Partner of Assertive Group, Aneesha Bhunjun is a dual qualified Barrister and Practicing Solicitor, offering expert advice and assistance in a range of civil litigation issues. She is frequently invited to discuss topical legal issues and developments by NGO's such as Amnesty International on topics including human trafficking and forced marriages. Aneesha holds a master's in law and a Criminology Degree from the Inns of Court School of Law in London.

Aneesha is also a professional mediator and delivers training in mediation across the world to CEO's, global business leaders and politicians, amongst others. As a Managing Partner of Assertive, she heads up the Mediation division. She is also the international representative for Mauritius for ADR-ODR International, the first international provider to offer online dispute resolution.

Aneesha is a regular speaker on BBC radio and at world forums such as the UIA International World Forum and has published articles in Mauritius regarding the necessity for mediation in conflict resolution.

In addition, Aneesha is creating a dispute resolution center in Mauritius which will assist the Government with open dialogue between neighboring countries within the Indian Ocean. She assists individuals and organizations to acquire skills which in turn empower them to become future peace makers.

She regularly attends scripture-based dialogue forums where she works closely with religious and community leaders to facilitate a holistic approach in inter-faith, community and cultural disputes. Her breadth of experience allows her to understand complex issues and strategically resolve disputes using high level negotiating techniques.

Christian Frampton

◈  Christian Alain FRAMPTON • MD - Head of Business Development

Christian Alain Frampton is an international business negotiator and business development expert.
Along with his role as Managing Partner of Assertive Group, Christian Alain Frampton is one of the Managing Partners of both Genii Capital & Providenzia Capital Groups, based in Geneva, Switzerland. Christian Alain Frampton is responsible for the corporate advisory business, as well as the general business development for both groups.

Christian has acted as an expert in commercial and M&A negotiations for over 20 years, negotiating sizable operations and deal closings, as well as fund raising in excess of a billion USD for VC & PE. In addition, he has accompanied wealthy families and companies to "Closing" on over 100 occasions.

Prior to Providenzia & Genii, Christian co-founded Helvetica Wealth Management Partners AG, a Geneva-based multi-family office and investment boutique that was a joint venture between Qatar's ruling family and Credit Suisse. Credit Suisse bought the totality of Helvetica's shares in 2010. Prior to this, Christian worked at Banque Piguet, a boutique Swiss private bank, where he was a shareholder and part of the management team.

Christian has also worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers, the worldwide audit practice, where he specialized in banks and banking audits, after which he moved to Clariden Bank (member of the Credit Suisse Group) and Banque Scandinave (today within the EFG Banking Group) in the Private Banking divisions of both institutions.

Christian Frampton graduated from Kings College and the London School of Economics in London with a BSc (Hon).

Christian Rode

◈  Christian RODE • Director VVIP Relations

Christian Rode is a VVIP Relations Coordinator and International Business Development Expert.
With almost 20 years field experience all around the world, Christian Rode has gained an in-depth expertise in liaising with governments, heads of state, industry captains and high net-worth individuals.

As a key account manager in the defence and security industry, Christian has led delegations to international exhibitions, conferences and state visits. This global exposure has allowed him to create an extensive governmental and business network. His cross-cultural awareness and interpersonal skills have gained him a well-earned reputation in successfully managing and coordinating organizations and individuals from all backgrounds.

With a clear focus on business development and high-profile project implementation, he has been instrumental in effectively setting up strategic partnerships on a global scale.

His passion for problem solving and mediation has made him in asset in international contract negotiation between governments and corporations.

Christian Rode has lived in Germany, South Africa, India and Saudi Arabia where he worked for international corporations and NGOs. He holds a degree in International Relations and is fluent in German, English, French and Afrikaans.

Wladimir Mollof

◈  Wladimir MOLLOF • Head of Investments & Sovereign Advisory Assertive Group - Chairman of ARJiL & Partners

Wladimir Mollof is the Chairman of Arjil & Partners, Founder and Chairman of ACG Group and an internationally acclaimed expert in corporate and sovereign advisory on highest level.
Over several decades, Wladimir has gained an incomparable level of experience in financial structuring and international sovereign advisory. As the Chariman of ARJiL & Partners, he has been directly involved in various high-level missions around the world.

His experience in the markets and with international governments make him an asset in negotiation and deal-closing with industry captains and Heads of State.

Peter Hendry

◈  Peter HENDRY • Scientific Advisory - Expert in Energy & Technical - Energy Response & Deal Closing Expert

Peter Hendry is an international energy expert, covering all commercial aspects of Oil, Gas and Power.
As Senior Advisor and Oil Expert, Peter has worked for most of his career in the Oil and Gas sector. He has held senior roles within Major Oil Companies, Independent Trading Companies and at a Wall Street Bank.

Peter has over 30 years' experience working in the Oil Industry and while principally engaged in Commodity Trading, he has also gained considerable midstream processing experience, as well as an excellent knowledge of Upstream operations and the commercial side of E&P.

More recently, he has focused on the investment side of the business. With Assertive, he has acted as policy advisor to various National Energy Ministers, as well as other senior Government figures, to improve the efficiency of their energy activities and to help to maximize their strategic development opportunities. He has also acted as advisor to some of the most prominent Oil billionaires in the world. With Assertive's expertise in negotiation, Peter has developed a specialization in "close the deal" strategies within the energy industries.

Peter has an Honors Degree in Resources Sciences – Geophysics, from the University of Kingston. He regularly lectures on various aspects of Commodities Trading, Energy and Logistics at; the University of Geneva, Webster's University, the Geneva Business School and at Oil and Gas Knowledge.

Before entering the Oil sector, his formative years were in the Chemical and Gas Industries.

Philippe Cathelaz

◈  Philippe CATHELAZ • Expert of the Day after - Strategic Marketing & Communication, Implementation & People Engagement

Through Marketing and Communication strategies, Philippe Cathelaz has become a Maestro in going from: Comprehension, change management, Adhesion, Implementation and Communication on major conflicts and deal closing.
Like you, leadership and communications expert Philippe Cathelaz has seen the word engagement defined numerous ways. Experienced senior business executive – 10 years as a PR consultant then Chief of Communications & Marketing within both public and private sectors, member of Executive management – Philippe dedicated his career to build trust and implement strategies and campaigns that successfully engage employees, clients and stakeholders.

His expertise in coaching the C-Suite within global organizations in different industries gave him endless opportunities to combine the power of logos, ethos and pathos to generate fellowship and followers.

Engaging leadership and inspiring communication are paramount to any success, especially following a Crisis Management or a Deal freshly closed! Building on the momentum, he helps Boards and Executives to discuss and plan together the first strategic steps following any decision. Along with this, Philippe has been seriously involved in talent management, sustainability, innovation, driving cultural change, corporate purpose, viral marketing, complex matrix organizations, mergers and sound reorganizations. Part of his mission is to design and facilitate off-sites and supports Boards, Executives, HR and Communications' teams to reach their next level and lead transformation.

During his tenure at HSBC as Head of Marketing & Communications EMEA, he managed the "Falciani Data Theft" Crisis. His track record includes achievements with McDonald's, British American Tobacco, Firmenich, Lombard Odier and other high-level public services. As Director of Communications at Firmenich, he launched new leadership behaviors. At SIG, he kicked off a full campaign to reduce the consumption of electricity. Based in Geneva, he is NOW leading his own consultancy allGulliver and is Partner at Happy-at-Work.